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Revo Block Professional
vacuum unit

The best for working people. Monobloc vacuum unit for professional use from the Sistem Air Pro line.

State-of-the-art electronic touch control and excellent build quality

Revo Block Professional
Vacuum unit

Revo Block Professional testata

The best for working people. Monobloc vacuum unit for professional use from the Sistem Air Pro line.

State-of-the-art electronic touch control and excellent build quality

Discover Revo Block Professional

Professional by nature

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Pro features. Everything you need to work.


Consumption optimisation system

Consumption under control thanks to the new IEC2 class motors. In addition to optimising the engine’s performance and preventing consumption peaks, the engine’s electronic management system processes the data sent by a temperature sensor to prevent possible malfunctions. All this for greater reliability in use.

Easy installation even when it is difficult

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Installation is extremely simple, with easy and error-free connections.

Even the management of several operators at the same time does not require additional panels or resistive dividers: the automatic performance control system detects the variation and acts on the motor to compensate for the suction power and ensure correct delivery.

What the vacuum unit detects

Revo Block Professional vacuum units feature an innovative touch screen display that makes operation even easier. A simple interface:

Display Revo Block per sito

The home page checks the status of the vacuum unit, the depression developed and access to the menu

Allarme secchio Revo Block per sito

The coloured status bar indicates the efficiency of the filter cartridge and whether maintenance is required

Allarme filtro Revo Block per sito

An animated sequence shows how to proceed with emptying the bucket.


Automatic filter cleaning system

All Revo Block Professional vacuum units can be fitted with the Autocleaner automatic filter cleaning system, which cleans the filter walls of accumulated dust using a jet of compressed air that passes through the filter in the opposite direction to the suction.

Pulizia filtro Revo Block e dettaglio

The Autocleaner is programmable and can also be installed after the system has been set up.

The Autocleaner system, which comes as standard, includes the connection for the pneumatic connection, the connector for the electrical wiring and the preloaded software for managing the cleaning cycles.


4.0 technology for remote control

Controllo remoto Sistem Air

Master control is the remote monitoring of industrial and professional vacuum units.

It allows you to check in real time all the central vacuum units connected to the local network, obtain a diagnosis of the system and intervene in case of maintenance with guided procedures.

Areas of installation

Revo Block Professional can be installed in structures with the following characteristics:

  • surface to be cleaned between 2000 m²
  • use by max 3 operators at the same time
  • pipe network made of pipes suitable for handling the required number of operators at the same time
  • power supply 220/240 V ac and 400 V ac three-phase
  • continuous use
  • air exhaust ductable to the outside
Revo Block scheda tecnica
Model Recommended surface Article Power supply V ac Max. no. of operators
Revo Block  Professional 500 500 m² 3203.1B 220/240 1
Revo Block Professional 700 Plus 700 m² 3213.2B 400 2
Revo Block  Professional 1000 1000 m² 3203.3B 220/240 2
Revo Block Professional 1200 1200 m² 3203.4B 400 2
Revo Block Professional 1500 1500 m² 3203.5B 400 2
Revo Block Professional 1800 2000 m² 3203.6B 400 3


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Sistem Air Pro
More than cleaning, your professional ally.

Compliance with sanitary regulations, suction of dangerous materials, waste recovery and continuous use these are just some of the pluses offered by the system SISTEM AIR PRO.

There is always need for a central vacuum system because cleaning well is an important part of the quality of your work.

Maintenance and assistance

For the scheduled maintenance of the central vacuum unit, the instructions in the technical manual provided and the instructions on the user interface display must be followed.

In particular, these periodic operations mainly concern cleaning the filter, emptying the dust collection container, replacing the bag, checking the correct operation of the electric motor and any obstruction of the air outlet.

All interventions not included in scheduled maintenance by the user must be performed by qualified workers

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