Winder motorised Roll Flex

Automatically rolls up the hose. Designed for work, Roll Flex is ideal for large areas.

20 metres of hose to go anywhere. And you can even start it with a remote control.

Roll Flex

Roll flex 1

Automatically rolls up the hose. Designed for work, Roll Flex is ideal for large areas.

20 metres of hose to go anywhere. And you can even start it with a remote control.

Work has become easy

Roll Flex Sistem Air

The winder is equipped with a motor that allows both unwinding and rewinding without the need for return springs.

Roll Flex has an integrated contact that allows the suction to be started and stopped without the need for an additional switch.

Up Down Rollflex

Up and down, without burning a calorie

The up and down controls are activated by the supplied control panel, which has a mechanism similar to that of a car windscreen wiper and is extremely easy to use.

Want more?

Telecomando Rollflex

universal remote control can be optionally combined to activate the ascent/descent of the hose.

Powerful and safe

Roll Flex is driven by a powerful electric motor without tensioning the hose.

The electronic board ensures safety in case of accidental stops.

Utilizzo Roll Flex Sistem Air

Always in order, thanks to his gaze

Roll Flex installato

It uses an optical sensor to detect the portion of the hose that has been turned to rewind it to the same extent.

In this way the hose always returns to the same starting position.

Cleaning even the most remote corners

Up to 20 metres of hose allow a much larger surface area to be covered than is possible with conventional hoses that plug into vacuum inlets.

Raggio di copertura Roll Flex

It is ideal for minimising the pipe network or when you need to limit the number of vacuum inlets at ground level, where the hose lying on the ground would be a hindrance when passing frequently.

Areas of installation

The Roll Flex motorised winder is used in all professional and industrial activities. Features:

  • motorised hose unwinding/rolling system
  • up to 20 metres of hose
  • extreme robustness
  • professional mechanical and electrical components
  • two microswitches control the direction of rotation of the winder
  • suction starts and stops automatically
  • ceiling or wall mounting



Power supply V ac

Max. hose length m

Roll Flex Ø 32




Roll Flex Ø 40





IP 40

Sistem Air Pro
More than cleaning, your professional ally.

Compliance with sanitary regulations, suction of dangerous materials, waste recovery and continuous use these are just some of the pluses offered by the system SISTEM AIR PRO.

There is always need for a central vacuum system because cleaning well is an important part of the quality of your work.

Maintenance and assistance

For the scheduled maintenance of the central vacuum unit, the instructions in the technical manual provided and the instructions on the user interface display must be followed.

In particular, these periodic operations mainly concern cleaning the filter, emptying the dust collection container, replacing the bag, checking the correct operation of the electric motor and any obstruction of the air outlet.

All interventions not included in scheduled maintenance by the user must be performed by qualified workers